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Run Tatton Half Marathon

profile-avatar-thumbnail Michael Evennett wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star empty-star 3.3

2016 was the first time this race was staged and it showed. 

Im hoping the issues are solved for this year as the setting is great and the intent is good. 

Sadly, the issue in 2016 was that the organisers explicitly communicated a particular postcode to runners to use in sat nav for arriving. Problem with this was that it was down single file country lanes and entry to Tatton Pk through one small gate, wide enough for one car at a time at a 3-way junction! It was carnage and absolute havoc. People were abandoning cars on public highways and verges and sprinting to the start. As a result, I know of many people who traveled significant distance who missed the race. The organisers delayed the start by 30mins but many missed out. 

I managed to park on a grassy verge a mile away and Run to the start just in time for the gun! I was convinced I'd miss it. Not the best prep! That said, I managed a half marathon PB of 1:26:37. Possibly due to the bad weather and I had a flight to catch that afternoon! 

The race itself is a nice setting and unique bling. Not many spectators as it's park based. 

The organisers were very aware of the problems and promised to rectify them for this year.......I hope so as it could be a great event. 

Hopefully lessons were learnt! 

2 years ago