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Cotswold Classic Middle Distance Triathlon - cover image

Cotswold Classic Middle Distance Triathlon

profile-avatar-thumbnail Simon Tubb wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star 5.0

Wow what can I say.  Having had this as an xmas present from my wife and allowing me eight months of training, it was finally time to race.  I had an insight into the event when I marshalled at the 113 sister event in June.  As a participant I found from signing up to crossing the finish line a process that was made easy by everyone behind the race. 


The emails were always full of great information and any questions I had pre race were always answered quickly.  


Race weekend its self finally arrived.  I made my way to the water park, the new parking system seemed to work well. Paying on the Saturday for both days took unneeded stress away early morning on Sunday.  

Registration was easy, and collecting the goody bag was such a simple process, (although i did pick up the wrong size shirt for my wife).  The pre race briefing was delivered in an efficient and  comprehensive step by step process, covering from the moment we would arrive to the moment we would leave the finish area.  

Race day it's self, the car parking took around 30mins to get into the car park, getting in to transition with my helmet on was straight forward.  Then it was time to relax.  The line for the toilet seemed to go down pretty quickly and everyone was in good spirits whilst waiting.  

Once the race started with the blast of the whistle, the atmosphere was amazing, from the marshall helping me out of the water into the transition, all the marshalls and police on the bike course and the guys at the food stations! I tried to thank as many helpers as I could whilst going around.  At the finish, everyone was cheering and bringing the atheletes home, and when it was our relay teams time to finish it felt very special!  

A massive shout out to Dave one of the marshall's who gives so much support and positivity, he just puts a big smile on everyones face.

A truely brilliant day that i will never forget and an event i would recommend to everyone!

3 years ago