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On Shrewsbury Half Marathon - cover image

On Shrewsbury Half Marathon

profile-avatar-thumbnail Carl-Warren Dudley wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star 4.6

The race is a challenge, this is not an easy half marathon - probably the toughest road race I've done in my young running career. 

But would I do it again - hell yeah!

The support - fantastic, the whole town comes out to support, people are outside their houses with jelly babies and sprinklers.

Organisation - can't fault it, it's done so simply, but done so well it's a joy to take part in. The numbers (1,800 approx entrants) makes it really easy to manage and you never feel crowded or pressured (at least not at the back where I was).

The course - yeah it's tough. Hills and long stretches of road out in the countryside, just dont forget to look up now and again and enjoy the beautiful sights of Shrewsbury and the surrounding countryside. One of the best for natural beauty even along A-roads. 

Also the quality of the FREE photos is fantastic, worth the entry fee itself. 

Being at the back of the field I had the lovely Sally with me - we had a great time and so much better than having a bloke on a bike or  a cone collectors van following you - something all races should do.

Anything I would change

 - have some portaloos, the ones in the showground were not coping well with the number of people. 

 - move the finish 20 yards (i am being really picky here), as being on a corner it was a bit of an odd position

All in all fab race, great support from the UKrunchat community, well organised and a good but doable challenge. 


3 years ago