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Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon - cover image

Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon

profile-avatar-thumbnail Robert Browning wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star empty-star 3.7

This is a local race for me, a pleasant countryside run with some tricky hills smack bang in the middle of the race. I was so prepared for those hills mentally that I wasn't ready for a fairly long incline much earlier on at about 1.5/2 miles, which took me by surprise!

The race was fairly well supported in a lot of the villages you run through, although you're on your own for much of it, and to be honest, although running through scenic country lanes is perfect for some, it can get a bit dull and boring after a while. There's not much that's distinctive on this route, although I really enjoyed running through picturesque Penshurst.

Overall organisation was good, with the start in the nearby leisure centre. A good technical t-shirt and very nice bling make it an event I'd recommend to others, not neccesarily for PB potential but for a well-run and friendly town half.



3 years ago