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MK Marathon

  1 May 2017
profile-avatar-thumbnail Lorraine Isaac wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star empty-star 3.4

This was my first time running MK half and overall I enjoyed it. The course profile is ever changing and for the majority there was good support on the way round.

Few niggles, I call them niggles as they did not spoil my enjoyment and I would recommend.

Number collection, chaotic....queue was getting larger by the minute. I don't know if people missed the start but more resources needed to address this.

Energy drink (gatorade) being decanted into cups is just not on, had to stop to collect cup as none ready and not enough in the cup to make any difference. I did not understand this as there was crates of bottles....why did we not get a bottle ?.

Number of marshalls available at beginning was limited and we spent a long time trying to find someone to ask a question.


Great to finish in the stadium and nice for supporters to be able to sit in comfort.

Overall a good event.

3 years ago