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Ashridge Standard Distance World Championship 2022 Qualifier - cover image

Ashridge Standard Distance World Championship 2022 Qualifier

  1 May 2021
profile-avatar-thumbnail Mark Kleanthous wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star 4.8

The Ashridge duathlon

Online race briefing very helpful, all I needed to know about the race.

Race registration was very well organized no queuing and was able to keep to social distancing at all times. Other competitors were got at socially distance passing. 

Loved the idea that all the marshals had cowbells to give it a friendly spectator atmosphere.

Never got tired of hearing those Cow Bells ringing!

Was self-sufficient so did not need feed stations.  


From first-timers to season multisport athletes like me with 40 years competing in endurance events marathons. You could tell by the look on competitors' faces that everyone I saw had a good time.

Easy to navigate the run bike and run the course again. Plenty of signs and marshals when required.

Very scenic run around Ashridge House and undulating rural cycle route. Multiple loops so you were never far away from the start.

Felt safe from arriving and racking my bike and throughout the staggered start to collecting my bike afterwards. Liked the idea of a separate bag drop-off within the transition area for bulky items, so I kept warm before the start and collected with ease after the duathlon.

Great a unique medal and very quality nice bespoke ribbon, will be kept pride of place with all my other medals.

If your first swim bike runs multisport triathlon or duathlon, then get the athlete spoilt and do an active training world event, you will not be disappointed.

Awesome free quality photos from the event. 

As Arnold Schwarzenegger once said in the Terminator film “I'll be back" for more Active Training world events in the future.

Ironmate Mark Kleanthous

Competitor of 1,250 events worldwide since 1980.

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