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Marlow Half Marathon - cover image

Marlow Half Marathon

  3 November 2019
profile-avatar-thumbnail Emma Dark wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star 5.0

New to the area I did Marlow Half Marathon for the first time.  It genuinely goes down as one of my ultimate favourites. Why?  The route was stunning. The marshalls clearly majority runners, as their support second to none. The amenities at the club on arrival and aftderwards fantastic. A good atmposphere. Music... Locals.. It all worked.  My husband had a great time waiting.  Why? As he could wonder into the town easily. Marlow is beautful. A challening course that makes you feel acomplished afterwards.  I love it SO much.  I joined to be a club member after the event and never looked back.  The endering character was true of the club and I would 100% recommend the race experience. 

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Organiser Replied:

Thank you for your feedback Emma .... delighted you loved the event and delighted you joined the club as a result!!