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  21 September 2019
profile-avatar-thumbnail Kyla Whitefoot wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star 4.7

I was kindly given a place in this event by a friend who had won a team entry in a competition, so I don't know that much about the entry process or pre-event side of things. However, from arrival it was simple to find my way around the site, set up my tent with my team mates and get settled in. The event is held in beautiful grounds and the organisers are very helpful if you have any questions (I asked quite a few!)

As a team, we completed laps of 10k, organised between ourselves as to which order people preferred to do it and how many we wanted to try and complete within the 24 hours. There is a leader board where you can view how the teams are faring against each other in terms of competition, and each runner passes a flexible wrist 'baton' between them when a lap has been completed. It all went very smoothly and we managed to keep track of roughly when each handover would need to take place.

We didn't expect to get that much sleep overnight, as laps would need to still continue, but we kept an eye on each other's timings so we could get as much rest as possible, and time our food intake (and BBQs!) as best we could.

I'd recommend everyone tries a 24-hr event, if not alone then definitely as part of a team. It's a great way to spend the weekend with friends, new and old, and with many other like-minded people.

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