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Windsor Half Marathon - cover image

Windsor Half Marathon

  29 September 2019

I have ran Windsor Half Marathon 9 times since 2004 and have only misseed races due to injury and foot and mouth! That risk to the Deer rather than myself having the diease!!

I have been fortunate enough to have won on 3 of these occasions. I've returned so many times due to the great atmosphere and scenic setting this race provides. The spectators and felllow runners alike are very enthusiastic and encouraging. 

Last year 2019, I had the unique experience of observing the Medical backup provided by St John Ambulance who provided an amazing service, something I had not appreciated and grossly underestimated previously. Rest assured that if the unexpected happens and you need medical assistance regardless of the severity you will be well looked after.

Regarding the course, although it is undulated it is possible to run a fast time providing your employ a good race strategy. Initially, make sure you have prepared properly by running over distance and incorporating some hills in your training. On race day conserving your energy in the early stages will be beneficial. At WHM making he most the most of the down hill and flat sections can allow you to claw back seconds lost on the uphill parts. But most importnant of all is to enjoy yourself on the day.

I highly recommend this event which caters for all levels of runners. You'll be sure regardless of your standard you'll have numerous people to run or race with to support you in achieving your goals.

5 star rating from me!

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