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Run Silverstone \u002D November - cover image

Run Silverstone - November

  24 November 2019
profile-avatar-thumbnail Marie Weston wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star empty-star 3.7

Organization and logistics fantastic, I have no complaints there.  However, I did find this race tough as the endless concrete tracks, and lack of crowds made for a pretty dull race that I was pretty bored of by the 10K mark!  Can't be helped with the location though, so this is all my own personal preference.

One other downside was that I ran a total distance of 21.5 Km,  I thought I was on for a sub 2 hour half with the pace I was running, but was 57 seconds over.  Looking on social media, this seems to have been the case for a few people. The course probably isn't long if ran at the absolute optimal angles around the bends.  Maybe blue lines are needed like on the Major Marathon courses!

Overall great organization, probbaly a course that appeals to many, but personally not a race I wil do again

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