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ASDA Foundation Yorkshire Marathon - cover image

ASDA Foundation Yorkshire Marathon

  20 October 2019
profile-avatar-thumbnail Chris Collings wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star empty-star 3.3

I was really looking forward to the Yorkshire marathon, being originally from Yorkshire myself.

It was an ok event, but. It as good as good as I’d hoped.
The main thing that let it down was the farcical organisation of the start and finish areas. There’s no parking at all anywhere near the start so you have to PAY for parking miles away and get a bus in. Which isn’t around the corner, you’re talking 30 minutes. Which is not what you want after just running 26 miles. There were no where near enough portaloos. I reckon there were 20 total for thousands upon thousands of runners! 
There was inadequate signage from the bag drop to the start line, it was a good 10-15 mins walk away, and I almost missed the start. Getting into the start pens was very difficult as barriers were up, and no easy way to access. Spectators has lined the side of the barriers and there was little room for manoeuvre of visibility of where to go. 

The race itself wasn’t bad, but at the aid stations a lot of the people giving out drinks etc were not on the ball. I saw that this caused a few pile ups of runners. Not good.

Shame really. The course is fine, the organisation poor.

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