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Westonbirt House Easter Half Marathon and 10k - cover image

Westonbirt House Easter Half Marathon and 10k

  19 April 2019
profile-avatar-thumbnail Carmen To wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star empty-star 4.1

I was asked to pace the 2:45 slot for the half marathon for the DBMax pace team. It's a two lap course so you do see other runners along the way but there were times when you didn't see many runners. The route starts in the grounds of the lovely Westonbirt House and then heads out into the surrounding roads. There weren't many crowds outside of the grounds so the majority of the support came from the runners and the marshals at the aid stations along the way. It was quite warm so the marshals made sure we were sufficiently hydrated. Also appreciated the marshals hosing us down before heading out for lap 2. The course is a bit undulating under foot but apart from when you are in the grounds it's all paths and tarmac. The finish line bit did catch me out as you had to run up the stairs to run under the finishing arch but other than that the course was easy to navigate. The post race medal was lovely and I had realised that it doubled up as a bottle opener until I got home. Also loved that we were given a long gummy worm as a post race snack as I certainly needed the sugar at that point. 

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