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Pateley Pie ‘n’ Pint - cover image

Pateley Pie ‘n’ Pint

  2 February 2019
profile-avatar-thumbnail Kate Wozniak wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star 4.9

Just beautiful. I regretted only doing 5 miles. It’s a run for enjoyment. If you’re PB chasing then you’re not going to like having to queue to climb over stiles or sometimes running behind someone. I’m slow and I was glad of it today because I could really enjoy where I was. A nice field too of runners looking out for each other on slippy bits. Parking was great. I could keep warm in the car waiting for the start. Briefing great - to the point. The spread at the end was fantastic. The whole event went so smoothly for me. I’m definitely coming back next year... and doing at least the 10. And yes, you do need trail shoes! I also loved the little Grim dog on the medal running with the pie in his mouth!

1 year ago