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Adidas City Runs \u002D Fulham 10k - cover image

Adidas City Runs - Fulham 10k

  18 November 2018
profile-avatar-thumbnail Vicci Mallam wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star 4.6

Having only ever run one 10k back in 2015 I gained free entry into this race via the team at Racecheck. I found the walk from the tube to the start easy, I had to pick up my race pack the morning of the race as it hadn’t turned up and that couldn’t have been easier, the event staff were very helpful. Despite it being quite cold, we didn’t have to wait around too long at the start for our wave to go, I’d say everyone was over the start line inside 15 minutes, then we were off! I’d say great support for most of the race, the course was ok, mostly flat, we ran through Chelsea football ground, which meant nothing to me as I don’t do football, but thought it funny how people were either cheering or booing as we ran through! The finish straight was well supported and was lovely to see Kat along the way three times, across the finish line you were greeted with water, coconut water, I think? Cliff bars and your medal- which I have to say was fab! Some people got an extra medal, which of course I wanted but couldn’t have as I’d not run all 4 races in the series!! Picking up my bag afterwards was easy but the queues were long but did go down pretty quickly. In my opinion, most races seem to have the same issue with bag collection. Once the bag had been collected it was straight down the pub to meet up with the Visor Club- cant thank them enough for making me feel welcome and part of the family. Next year I’m definitely taking part in all 4 as I want that extra medal! I’d definitely recommend this race to other runners.

2 years ago