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HaverSports Fritton Lake Triathlon Weekend - cover image

HaverSports Fritton Lake Triathlon Weekend

  16 June 2018
profile-avatar-thumbnail Graham Bloomfield wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star 4.9

Fantastic event - entered the triple challenge as preparation for Outlaw and it was great training, having done the sprint in previous years. Online registration very straightforward and great team on the day - very well done for quite a small company. Started with the sprint - quite an early start but worth it. Parking close by to reg. and transition and smallish event so not a lot of queueing - ample toilets as well if you walked a little further than the portaloos. Nice touch was that triple tri athletes got a different coloured hat and a mention. Good briefing, beautiful lake swim although a little choppy and challenging due to the winds. Fast and mainly flat bike course of 1 lap and then a trail/grass multiple lap run which was well supported but quite tough. Lovely day and setting to await the afternoon's racing and good food on site from the van which I learned was also tied to the race organisers. Also the excellent tri-harder were on site with some key kit and sale bargains - i rewarded myself on sunday after the triple was completed. Super sprint was similar - bike course slightly tweaked with a lovely up and down section to make up the shorter route and less laps on the run but all well explained in the briefing. After 2 races on the saturday, sunday's standard/olympic was tough but looking back great prep for outlaw. 2 lap swim and 2 lap cycle and then more laps on the run. I started to struggle on the 2nd bike lap and run felt like a slog but my garmin had broken on the saturday and actually it wasn't too bad when i got the results. Instant results on site which was great although there were a few hiccups processing the age categories. Overall an excellent weekend and a regular on the calendar for me although not sure it will be the triple every year. Great value especially with the super sprint thrown in for free on the triple.

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