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Chicago Marathon

  7 October 2018
Caroline Aylott wrote:

“Chicago Marathon - Precision and smiles “ 😀 On the morning of the marathon I didn’t the bag drop or the toilets at the start as my hotel wauses yards from the start line so I cannot comment on these . Entry to Grant park was easy and I passed through security with no problems or hold ups . I entered my corral and had lovely short chats with other runners. Most of them had run marathons before but were as excited as I was running my 1st . The atmosphere was electric with a great vibe despite the light rain . It took 10 minutes for me to pass the start line after my corral set off , I needed that time to realise I was actually starting a Marathon and that this was it . On passing the start it was then I realised how much the Chicago community embraced their home Marathon. The people were amazingly supportive from the start line to the finish line. Food , drinks , tissues , hugs , shouts of encouragement and even free puppy kisses were on offer, I politely took the puppy kisses Haha :) I had been a bit concerned about the rule that no hydration vests were allowed as I’d used mine on all of my long training runs . That concern wasn’t needed at all . At each mile and both sides of the running path there was electrolyte drinks and water available a plenty . You was neither looking for a drink or ever thirsty . It was so well stocked . The fantastic volunteers did an amazing job through the whole marathon , not once did I see a runner not get a drink when they wanted one , nor did I hear a single complaint . The volunteers were awesome . This year Bank of American Chicago Marathon used only paper cups for their aid station drinks , it was a resounding success. Most runners just screwed their cup and tossed it to the kerb so very few were on the running path . Those that were squashed on the path were not at all slippery and did not hinder running at all . It was a perfect running platform even with them there . I didn’t see or hear any runners fall , slip or complain . It worked perfectly and I hope other major Marathon organisations follow suit . The marathon itself is almost completely flat bar a couple of slight humps across a couple of bridges and a mediocre raise of incline at the end of the marathon . Most of the running roads were wide and accommodated all runners at that particular point .I didn’t encounter any congestion nor did I have to stop or slow my pace at any point on my run . This Marathon was worth the journey across the globe and perfect for a 1st timer like myself . I can not fault this Marathon in any way - it was simply Awesome 👏🏻🙌🏻😃

6 months ago