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ASDA Foundation Leicester 10K - cover image

ASDA Foundation Leicester 10K

  9 September 2018
profile-avatar-thumbnail David Paul wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star empty-star 3.9

This was the second time I've raced this event and have PB'd both times I've done it. I guess that means this course has PB potential - especially since I'd only PB'd a few weeks before on a VERY flat course. So if you're looking for a PB then I think this is a good one to target. The course overall is fairly flat with one short sharp hill after the first mile, and a long gradual hill later on. In both cases the down hill is just the same so it evens out. This starts in Abbey Park, passes the High Cross shopping centre, the cathedral, and the King Richard III visitor centre before going off along the Golden Mile and weaving it's way back to the park to finish. Around the shopping area some parts can feel a little slippery when wet, but fortunately it wasn't too bad.

1 year ago