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MK Marathon

  7 May 2018
profile-avatar-thumbnail Steve Taylor wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star empty-star 4.2

Started race with a friend who pulled out at Mile 10.8. I was injured, so predominantly walk/running. Got chatting to a lady around Mile 16 who had been advised by a marshal before she met me that she would be allowed to finish and receive a medal as long as she didn't mind moving on to pavements etc. Got to Mile 21, to be advised that we weren't allowed to continue die to the H and S of the marshals, and the fact that the stadium needed to close. Unless i could run 5 miles in 40 mins.

I stopped, waited ages for transport, got back to the stadium (still open) chatted with said friend for an hour (still open). By this time, with my fast walk, I could have finished!!!!!! So, 5.5 hours work in burning sun, no medal, no goodie bag, no nothing. Disappointed.

2 years ago