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The Fox

profile-avatar-thumbnail Richard Berke wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star 4.6

I ran the Fox 42k yesterday (turned out to be 44k total) and really enjoyed it. This was my first full trail marathon and I can't see myself going back to roads as they just don't compare.

Truly beautiful course with stunning views of the Surrey countryside the whole way round. 

Organisers were great, the route is incredibly peacful (save the odd busy road crossing) and every local I passed cheered me on.

A couple fo the route markers were easy to miss and I was twice saved from a wrong turn by a local and the route was a little longer than expected (at 42k I was in the middle of a field with no end in sight) but on the whole a really great day and I will 100% be running again next year.

Thanks to all who organised, supported and ran

2 years ago

Organiser Replied:

Hi Richard, thanks for the great review and feedback!