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ASDA Foundation Yorkshire Marathon - cover image

ASDA Foundation Yorkshire Marathon

profile-avatar-thumbnail Paul Rochester wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star empty-star 4.2

I have become a fan of the 10 mile distance and so was keen to have the chance to race it.

This race is basically the start and end of the marathon, without as much of the hard work in the middle. It's a nice route starting in the city and heading out into the countryside, before heading back. It's mainly flat or downhill, but be warned: there is a killer hill just before the finish! Very mean!

The organisation was mostly great and information was sent out in advance. The only thing lacking on the day was clear signage between the start/finish and the event village. It wasn't so bad at the start (follow the crowd) but it wasn't so clear how to get back at the finish if you are unfamilair with York Uni. The start was also very crowded and you had to force your way into start zones; they could have been a bit more spaced out.

Decent goody bag and free medal engraving was a lovely touch. I would definitely consider returning.

3 years ago