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Windsor Autumn 5km, 10km \u0026 15km - cover image

Windsor Autumn 5km, 10km & 15km

profile-avatar-thumbnail Sarah Manley wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star 4.6

So before this race I was having a wobble- the pre race email said Saturday 15th October (The race I had entered was Sunday 15th October) and it was the first race I had entered with a 12.30 start time. To say I was nervous would be pretty accurate. 

I needn't have been. Once we arrived marshalls directed us to the car parking- all very organised. We made our way to the tent to collect numbers and chips, again just a short queue and very organised. It was a pretty small field, which I think helped. 

The pre race briefing described the course well and we set off on time. This for me is important, I hate waiting for anything! 

For the 15km it was 3 laps of the lake. One side is next to the trees and was very peaceful. I even spotted a red kite on the final lap. The return is next to the lake and more breezy, but you can see the rowing markers which help to count you down (even though they aren't quite in sync for the running!). 

The route is pretty flat, with enough to keep you interested. The paths are nice wide tarmac- perfect for racing. 

There isn't really any support on the route apart form the marshalls, but as you are running laps, you get to see any family and friends each time you pass through the start. 

Water stations at 2.5km and 5km (then 7.5, 10, 12.5) with gels available too. Water is from cups if that sort of thing makes a difference to you. 

3 laps was enough for me- I'm not sure I fancied another one! 

Afterwards there were prizes and a costa van for refreshments. Lovely solid medal. 

Overall it was well organised and a much better experience than I had anticipated. 

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