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PHOENIX \u002D Mogwai Run \u002D Day 2 - cover image

PHOENIX - Mogwai Run - Day 2

  1 September 2017
profile-avatar-thumbnail Stacy Harrison wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star 4.4

This was a 6 hour challenge event, where you can complete was many laps as you want within the time limit, as long as you complete 1 lap you are a finisher & get your medal.

The route was just over 5km out & back course, along the Bedford canal. There was slightly more navigation than the previous day as there was a bridge to cross & then you had to back under the bridge, & with the only rules being keep the water on your right & if you cross a road you have gone the wrong way! The scenery was lovely, but not quite as nice as the previous days route. This way along the river there was more tree roots & made people more unsteady on their feet. 

The start/ finish area is also where you head back to at the end of each lap to collect a band if you want to do another lap or ring the bell if you want to finish. The aid station (also known as the tuck shop) is also here, where there is an great selection of sweets including Freddo frogs. There is also space here to leave bags & drinks.

The bling at the finish is amazing & worth doing the event for.


2 years ago