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Dirty Hero \u002D Helmsley - cover image

Dirty Hero - Helmsley

  22 July 2017
profile-avatar-thumbnail Craig Mann wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star empty-star 3.6

This was my first attempt at an obstacle course so i was obviously a little nervous about what was to happen as we set off into the beautiful countryside of North Yorkshire (if there was a briefing i didnt hear it). The field split up fairly quickly which was good and meant not much waiting around at each obstacle. The route was well flagged and the marshalls were friendly and offered instructions at each obstacle. They didnt seem to know an awful lot more than that though? maybe this was on purpose but our group asked numerous times how far we had come/to go because there were no mile markers out on course. The answers we were given suggested the marshalls didnt have a clue either. One major down fall was the lack of one single water station, this really left a sour taste. The medal is class though and i really enjoyed my first obstacle course race. Would i do another? Maybe....

3 years ago