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Edinburgh Marathon Festival (5k \u0026 10k) - cover image

Edinburgh Marathon Festival (5k & 10k)

profile-avatar-thumbnail John Hawryluk wrote:
gold-star gold-star half-gold-star empty-star empty-star 2.5

EMF is the flagship event in Edinburgh but it's unfortunate GSI (organisers) are only worried about the money.  Run this event a few times and they have run out of medals/goody bags before the final runner and the finishers tshirt is generic i.e. doen't have the distance you run printed on it.

The route isn't special, theres c. 10 other races that use the same 5k/10k route but the other races you will get a better experience for your money.

A race possibly to do becuase it's 'Edinburgh' but nothing special and one I'm not rushing to do again.

3 years ago