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Sunrise City 5k Nottingham (July) - cover image

Sunrise City 5k Nottingham (July)

profile-avatar-thumbnail Kel Herrick wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star empty-star 3.6

Well apart from the stress of the t shirt situation the race was fab !! 

I was how ever able to change my t shirt st the start. It did dampen the pre race build up squeezing my self into a  "large" top that was so short that must of been designed for a child and not a 5ft 4 woman. There was so many t shirts sat there when I got there at 5 am so I don't see why we couldn't swap the day before ? So there wasn't need for me to wear a vest and a tutu. Never mind. I baked running in these lol. 

It was very busy. Great to see so many people turn up. Was a very hectic start - couldn't tell you if there was a warm up or race briefing as no clue what was going off . We just saw people moving that how we new it had started. It was a little hard to get round in places which ment quiet a bit more walking than I would of liked because of the narrow paths and by the canal. I would of liked to have ran more than I got chance to but unless I was a 8/9 min mile pace  and was at the front this wasn't possible. I was stuck behind groups who were running at my walking pace with no room to get through or not being let through  

Agree with others about large groups of walkers - fully agree that the race to be open to all abilities it's great to see every one out  but perhaps have designated starting areas for walkers and runners ? Just likes big racers  would help  I'm not a fast runner so I wouldn't dream of getting in the fast runners way. Because some people just wouldn't move!  I started out half way in but ended up dodging so many  it was difficult ! I don't think people realise what that can do to your legs. The paths were over grown in so many places as well  I got whacked in the faces by bushes and tripped on twigs. !! 

Ive done this race before when it was run by another company and things were no different really  (other than t shirt and more awesome medal. ) 

i loved the medal  gorgeous! Very good quality  worth it alone ! My children loved it too  ! Loved coming in to the man waving the flag! 

Didn't bother with the fruit  ques were huge  

I enjoyed my self but others could be more mindful! Great event. Thank you and will be back just will try and start more at the front. 

3 years ago