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Virgin Sport Hackney Half Marathon - cover image

Virgin Sport Hackney Half Marathon

profile-avatar-thumbnail Carl-Warren Dudley wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star empty-star 3.4

I worked with Virgin Sport on this event and was hoping for a great race.

In all I enjoyed it and I think the fitness festival added to the occasion and there was a really good buzz around the place.

Nice to see they provided a changing marquee, the bag drop was ok for me but i could see for a few others it was getting very busy.

The start was ok, took a while to get over the line but as i was towards the back it was to be expected. The matting put down on the way out was in awful condition with lumps and bumps everywhere.

Once you were out on course the event was well supported by locals and the bands around the course were fab as well as the marshalls.

Drinks stations were frequent although the lucozade station couldve been more organised as they'd pour out the drinks but no one was handing them out.

The route isnt the most beautful, takes in some of the sights of Hackney but mostly residential/industrial - missed opp not going through Victoria Park and going along the side. Olympic Park was good to run through but apart from the RunDemCrew guys wasnt much support out.

 Just be aware that the marshes are in the middle of nowhere - a good mile or two walk from Stratford/Westfield.

All in all a good event, improvements could be made but I would do it again

3 years ago