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Brighton Marathon

profile-avatar-thumbnail Carl-Warren Dudley wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star empty-star 4.2

Its a very early start for the 10k at 8.30 and it means a very early wake up to get to Preston Park which is approx 20-25min walk from the town centre/pier.

The event village was good (if you were a man) and didn't need a no.2 - I was able to use the urinals with no queues and the bag drop was simple and took seconds.

Corrals were well organised and there was no major issues.

Route was good, took in some good sights around the city, few out and backs but they didnt detract from the race.

Water stations were really confusing, we were told we couldnt use the first water station because that was for the marathon and the next would be round the corner - around the corner in Brighton equals about 2km.

The finish and support was fantastic and the medal is one of my favourites.

The goody bag was, well, not good. I went to pick up a tee and they only had XS left (fyi i am not XS) and neither were most of the others finishing around the same time as me.

**However, they have sent a website where you can request another tee shirt in an appropriate size - I''ll be over the moon if I receive one.

The water given at the finish was 330ml bottles and far too small, especially given the warm weather on the day. I was happy to see water fountains in the post race village where you could fill up any bottles.

Overall, I was pretty happy with the event and for me everything went very smoothly including number collection.  I would probably do it again.

3 years ago