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Silverstone Half Marathon - cover image

Silverstone Half Marathon

  12 March 2017
profile-avatar-thumbnail Carl-Warren Dudley wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star empty-star empty-star 3.1

I am a huge F1 fan as was really looking forward to this.

The race start is midday and a good choice as Silverstone is near impossible to get to via public transport. I drove in with a friend and it took so long to get onto the car park, there is also a 20 minute walk over to the race village so leave plenty of time.

The course is great for the first lap as it's the F1 circuit, however, there is very little support after mile 1. After you're doing endless loops of the outer circuit which is not entertaining in the slightest as it's just access roads.

The goody bag is great and it's a lovely medal, plus £23 is a bargain nowadays (although, they dont have to close any roads so i can see how they make it so cheap).

The course was also long by my garmin by a quarter of a mile, which was very disappointing as many missed out on PB's.

The event village was good if you had time to explore, baggage was drop off and pick up was slick and the starting waves were pretty well managed.


 - Must do for F1 fan

 -  Nice medal and goody bag

 - Plenty of toilets and little queues

 - Good baggage system

 - Well marshalled and they did their best to support the runners

 - Well stocked water and lucozade fuel stations


 - Getting into and away from the event

 - Long walk to start

 - Course was long

 - The band that were promise didnt exist - just land rovers with speakers out the back

 - Course is really unentertaining once you're off the main F1 circuit

 - Almost no support

Probably won't be back unless someone wants me to run it with them

3 years ago