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Spring Monster Race \u002D Oxfordshire - cover image

Spring Monster Race - Oxfordshire

profile-avatar-thumbnail Jo Llo wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star empty-star 3.7

Lovely location and throughly dirty! 

Booking this event was simple enough for three of us and, compared to other events, it was reasonably well priced. 

Arriving at the venue was fine, it was well signposted however some provision to prevent cars being stuck in the mud would have been helpful...thank goodness for 4 wheel drive! 

Plenty of loos and rustic but adequate changing facilities adorned a small but jubilant event village. Bag drop was simple enough and well ordered - no massive queue to drop bags off, or pick up for that matter...an important thing when you are cold and covered in mud! 

The course itself was good, lots of hay bales and walls which are classic staples of ocr but some more innovative ones also...crossing that icey cold stream, ouch. The atmosphere on the course was good, friendly with lots of helping hands and marshals to spur you on. Some of the walls were a bit hairy on the decent thanks to a bizarre design flaw with a slippy jutting piece of wood on most; great consideration for safety though when they realised one obstacle was too slippy and added a rope. 

The course was varied in terms of terrain and backdrop - running through eerie woods and brooks one minute to having a beautiful stately home as your setting the next.

Finish could have been made more of, no offical photo at the end and only a bit of water - could have done with a brew really. Excellent medal but no t-shirt, this was supposedly to lower costs but arguably didn't lower them sufficiently for a t-shirt not to be included.

Some great free photos after, nice touch. 

All in all...great race with room for improvement.



3 years ago