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PHOENIX Timelord on the Thames - cover image

PHOENIX Timelord on the Thames

profile-avatar-thumbnail Paul Addicott wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star 4.4

phoenix running carry out various 6 hour timed events throughout the year. The principles of the race are simple, it's a 3.3 mile lap, out and back along the Thames path. If you complete one lap you qualify for the medal, complete 4 for half, 8 is an official marathon recognised by 100mc, 9+ is an ultra. 

These events are known for their incredible medals. People turn up to do various laps just for the medal, it is also popular with those seeking or part of the 100 mc... so many experienced runners.

regiatration is simple, with only 100-140 runners owing to the size of the course, and in order to make it a pleasant experience, registration takes seconds. This is followed by a friendly race briefing... perfect.

Value for money is mid range, it is fairly expensive especially for an event I would always use as a fun run, but there is good reason for that. The medals are amazing, and it is the mould that costs the money. So if they ran the event for 10 times the number it would be an extremely cheap event, but for such a small number of people, we are paying for the medal... there is nothing that can be done about this, people come for the medal so it would not make sense to change this, and increasing numbers would ruin the event.

marahal and local support is limited to one check point and the runners themselves, but with a lapped course this is enough. If you do the 8 laps (which half the field do) you are pacing everyone 16 times, and the way the field thins there is always someone around. Although it's a small field and very peaceful, the laps mean you see people all the time. The course beauty and uniqueness also means it is not too much, I thought I would t like laps, but I really don't mind in this event.

everyone is friendly and I love this event. The timelord event was my third with Phoenix running and I actually managed to win the race! Bonus!

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4 years ago