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Cotswolds Lake 62 Standard Triathlon, Sunday - cover image

Cotswolds Lake 62 Standard Triathlon, Sunday

  25 July 2021
profile-avatar-thumbnail Henry Willis wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star empty-star 3.8

Done the race several times. Overall it was well organised. However I believe a better recce of the bike course should have been conducted. There were some seriously bad and dangerous potholes on the bike course, particularly on the first 8km lap. Either the competitors should have been warned about them in the race brief (online and/or at the start) and/or there should have been a marshall or signs to mark and warn riders of the poor road surface, which in places stretched across the whole width of the road and was therefore unavoidable sometimes. Several people lost their water bottles from the sharp bumps and at least one competitor had a tyre blow out. 

Normally the race every year runs very smoothly, but this year the planning and route marking was less effective. Would still return as overall it's still a good race.

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