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Hullavington \u0022Secret Santa\u0022 10 - cover image

Hullavington "Secret Santa" 10

  20 December 2020
profile-avatar-thumbnail Sarah Barker wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star 4.6

Stampede Sports are a small events company who have a handful of events running from the pub in Hullavington. 

This year the course was unfortunately shortened to just less than 8 miles because of overrunning roadworks which was out of the control of the organisers. Because of covid, there also couldn't be any secret Santa gifts at the finish line like last year but there was cake (wrapped for covid) and all runners love cake!

We were sent off in waves of roughly 5 people after we'd all had our temperature checked. This meant that I ran alone for the majority of the race but was overtaken by lots of faster runners which gave me boosts of speed every now and again.

The weather was lovely, the Wiltshire countryside was beautiful as usual and all the marshals were very friendly and enthusiastic. 

I'm so glad this event was able to happen after all the recent lockdowns and Christmas announcements. Let's hope it can get back to it's usual format next year as I'll definitely be back. 

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