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Run to the Sea Bournemouth - cover image

Run to the Sea Bournemouth

  10 October 2020
profile-avatar-thumbnail Erin Mckinley wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star 5.0

As a slow walker I was worried about meeting the cut off for this running event. The organiser answered many of my questions pre event and assured me it was well signed and flat.  It was.  I completed the event with lots of time to spare.  The website was easy to use. There were lots of emails sent out over the months with useful information. All registration was sent via post. I parked at the finish line (ample parking) and got the coach Ultraviolet provided to the start. There was a simple yet effective method to get us all started in a staggered time frame. The first part of the event was along a disused railway and it was glorious. Quiet, green, friendly vibe and easy to navigate. That led to a country park, a bit of town route and then eventually onto a massive stretch of beaches. Lots of public toilets, ice cream kiosks and great checkpoints along the way. The route was fantastic and so much to keep you occupied.  I didn't need any additional mapping/printed routes/gpx routes. It was so clear and simple.  I have signed up for next year and I'd recommend it to anyone. Great PB potential or for anyone just wanting to do their first ultra 

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