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A Run With No Witty Name - cover image

A Run With No Witty Name

  10 October 2020
profile-avatar-thumbnail James Batten wrote:
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I am writing on behalf of my running partner who took part in her first ultra. 

In the run up to the event only one email was received providing basic information with car park info, gpx file rather than a usual in depth brief of the event including check point information etc. This email could have included a lot more information given the circumstances of covid. On arrival the race registration was easy however due to staggered starting no race brief was received and only a map with the route on a board was visible. A lack of Marshalls were seen on the route. Also the route was not clearly marked and tape was difficult to see at certain areas resulting in getting lost three times and needing to back track. The race numbers were not chipped and the only some checkpoint required to see your number. You essentially run from the start and your time was taken at the end of the race, rather than ensuring all went through all checkpoints. 

The route was a pure trail race and is a demanding course, very little use of roads which was good.

To add to the overall confusion at the end of the race medal were not clearly avaiable and as such she had to email the race director post event to ask to be sent a medal.

The race is strenuous and is recommended not for beginners. 

Finished in top 40 despite the issues and first ultra 

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