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Non Sweet Caroline Aquathlon - cover image

Non Sweet Caroline Aquathlon

  25 July 2020
profile-avatar-thumbnail Sarah Watson wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star 4.8

The first UK Licenced event since lock down made this event unique in itself. I feared with all the necessary covid related restrictions in place  it could all fall a bit 'flat' but the ATW team  made it feel like a really buzzing event as well as feeling really safe. The pre event briefing on video was a great idea, as were wristbands to show that health questionnaire had been completed prior to entering event village. Event music was a fun touch   ( Police: Don't Stand too Close to me ,   The  Beatles: I Wanna Hold Your Hand etc etc!)  Swim start was seamless, walked to transition by lake in small  socially distanced groups before entering lake at 30 sec intervals. This lake is a real beauty. The first   2 k of the run is round the lake and is pretty, the last 3 k on playing fields so less attractive and a bit of a challenge with the head wind....but then wind behind you felt good. Really very well marked all round with cones and the  cheery marshals made up for the lack of crowd...spectators were necessarily discouraged due to covid safety.  Nice to finish on a proper running track . No need for medals / t shirts for this one ( although one first timer I spoke to was thrilled to have the swim hat provided as a momento)   ... being part of this event was special after the awful few months events companies have had, ATW got this event organised in record time so huge applause for them. 

2 weeks ago