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City Scramble UK - cover image

City Scramble UK

  13 July 2020
profile-avatar-thumbnail Peter Moralee wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star 4.4

City Scramble @ Newcastle 

Multi venue event.

Easy online registration.

5k or 10k options.

Great pre race info via website, social media, emails and texts.

Basic idea - Map of route and clue locations given few days before & a more detailed one sent on the day. Choose a start point, run to first clue location, solve the clue and get a letter. After visiting all the clue locations and working out the clues you unscramble the letters to work out the finish location. Selfie at the finish location and work GPS/strava run data sent to organiser to show completion and time added to the results page. Bespoke medal sent out a few days later.

Fun event, something different. Can be run in groups or solo. Can run the shortest route or go scenic. Can try a quick run or a leisurely plod round. All up to you.


3 weeks ago