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  1 December 2019
profile-avatar-thumbnail Charlie Pennington wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star 5.0

One of the best races i have ever done in 20+ years of racing. Truly breathtaking scenery and course with amazing organisation make this a bucket list event. The point-to-point nature of the race means that there are logistics hurdles to overcome but the race organisers were reallly helpful in making sure we all understood the options available.

The swim is a sea swim that starts in the dark and by jumping off the back of a ferry into cold (c9.5 degrees centrigrade) water. You swim to shore where upon your helper can help underess you (I needed it as i was so cold!).

The bike is broken into 3 stages with the first being mostly flat and through a valley floor following a beautiful river. You then start to rise up to the race town and it undulates prior to then going up into the mountains before then descending into T2. The descent is awesome by the way! I think the bike was about 176km and not 180km.

The run is in very undulating and quite off-road to start with but then settles onto a wide gravel track for the remainder. It had 2 aid stations (10km, 20km) and at 30km you are allowed to run with your support crew. From this point on it is mostly downhill and flat but there are no more aid stations. The run turned out to be almost 44km so expect it to be long.

I can't speak highly enough about the event. Patagonia is a truly wonderful place and the race organisers have created an awesome event. I hope to return and race there again.

2 weeks ago