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Leith Hill Half Marathon - cover image

Leith Hill Half Marathon

  29 February 2020
profile-avatar-thumbnail Ludovica Bruno wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star 4.8

This is the second time I participate to this eventand have to say that I liked it even more than last year, and this despite the puddles being twice if not three times deeper! It is hard both climbing up 6.5 miles in sticky and slippery mud and puddles that look like lakes (but there was always a side option in the woods where the puddles were substituted by roots and narrow lane), and running then down the 6.5 miles. But the course is wild, and it feels lovely to reach the top of the hill and view all around. A very friendly environment: competitors, marshalls and Race Director , all really super nice! After the race we got a great long sleeve T-shirt, mug, medal, and ...full English Breakfast! The race HQ is also very wellcoming, with changing rooms, showers, enough toilets, and warm. A lovely event! I could not hear anything that race director said in the race briefing, but the course was clear and well indicated. An event/race to do!!

4 months ago