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Conwy Half Marathon - cover image

Conwy Half Marathon

  17 November 2019
profile-avatar-thumbnail Ryan Berrisford wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star 4.5

The Conwy half marathon has been on my list of events for a couple of years now.

I got there about an hour before the race started. Parking was a little troublesome but I found a space about a 15 minute walk from the start. Not too much of an issue and the walk through the town was nice. There were a lot of nice little shops to stop in for a coffee should you wish.

Once I got to the start the queues for the toilets were massive, so I skipped that and just went to the start area.

I couldn't really hear the announcements at the start but no problem, I was planning on racing the event too hard. 

The race is quite hilly and the climb up the Orme requires you to save something in the tank. Thankfully I did as I knew it was coming and so didn't go out too hard. 

The route was fantastic and the views amazing. The race fee was worth it just for that. 

I finished the event in a mi h qui ker time than expected and if it was a flat course I would have easily ran a PB.

The medal at the end was great but the goody bag didn't really extend much further than a cotton t-shirt. Not an issue for me really as the cost probably went towards making the event happen. 

An event I would definitely do again and I'll be recommending it to other runners who like a bit of a challenge. 

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