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Cotswolds Lake 62 Standard Triathlon, Saturday - cover image

Cotswolds Lake 62 Standard Triathlon, Saturday

  10 August 2019
profile-avatar-thumbnail Anna Maguire wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star empty-star 4.0

All in all an enjoyable and smooth event. 

I was able to anticipate alot about the race/transition/run course  etc from gallery pictures of previous events which was both nice and helpful.

Swim lovely- got to acclimatise,  smallish waves, clear water.

Bike - fine.- easy to navigate with big pink and yellow signs.

Run - I personally really liked the x6 laps around the lake. Wriggly with micro hills and covered by trees . So nice. 

The organisers made some effort to be environmentally considerate by using recycled cups and they encouraged users to refill where poss.

The music was good too.

All in a great event .

The only thing I'd change is the format of the results - I like to be able to compare and reorder and select by category  etc.

Thanks to all Marshall's and volunteers for their friendly support.

1 year ago