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Ironman UK

  14 July 2019
profile-avatar-thumbnail Paul Fisher wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star empty-star 4.2

This is my 3rd time at UK, think the new course has spoiled the event slightly, but to be fair it's only it's first year so it hasn't really bedded in yet.


As usual Pennington not the nicest place to swim but seemed a lot clearer this year


Same course up to Bolton then changed massively, there are no real steep hills just a hell of a lot of long drags, and short sharp descents some quite dodgy support wasnt half as good as usual on bike maybe because people are trying out new areas to spectate sure it will get better

Good thing is last 10 miles either down or flat so get a little relief before you start the run


Just amazing support on the run us unreal, my top tip to anyone doing it is to engage the crowd they will remember you and it really helps mentally when your struggling


Really good this year loads and loads cakes flapjacks etc and as much dominoes pizza as you could eat😊😊

1 year ago