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Worthing Triathlon - cover image

Worthing Triathlon

  30 June 2019
profile-avatar-thumbnail Helen Hels Varcoe wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star 4.7

3rd time to attempt the Poseidon Adventure of Worthing Triathlon! Never let the look of a calm sea fool you it was still a bit choppy although lovely and warm! Shame tide times were against us this year so it was a late start for a Triathlon. I competed in the Sprint. Transition was in a perfect position for quick access behind the swim start/finish. Bike section is easy out and back, it’s on traffic local roads so you need your wits about you especially this year with the later start. Back for the run on the flat fast (windy) coastal Path to Finish near Transition and Race HQ. Lots of support and great for families to spectate and day on beach if weather permits! Great memento collectors T shirt, plenty of Prizes and refreshments after. Free top quality Photos to download. REP events are fantastic affordable and friendly perfect for novice to experienced

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