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St Albans Half Marathon - cover image

St Albans Half Marathon

  9 June 2019
profile-avatar-thumbnail James Dunmore wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star 4.6

My 7th time running this race (it's local). I keep going back because it is a challenging course and a well run event.

Given the time of year, expect it to be hot. It's very hilly too! Crowds are good when you get them but apart from the park at the start and a couple of patches, there's large bits without any people around. Plenty of water stations and well signed/marshelled. Race pack arrives by post.

Always a good medal and t shirt, and of course, you get an ice lolly! (but bring back the orange ones, cola and bubble gum are horrible). Swag bags were a bit lacking, with just water and a flapjack (although flapjack was good).

The course - as I said, challenging, up and down from the start. 2nd half is much harder with a huge hill just after half way. So it's a tricky balance of getting enough time in the bag vs over doing it. 

Always enjoy doing it, it has a nice local feel to it, whilst still being well run.

8 months ago