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Tallington Lakes Triathlon - cover image

Tallington Lakes Triathlon

  2 June 2019
profile-avatar-thumbnail Christopher Pugh wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star empty-star 4.0

Tallington is a located to the East of the beautiful Market town of Stamford (worth a visit itself). The event itself is based at the Tallington Holiday park which is situated around a number of small inner lakes used for open water swimming and other water sports with lots of holiday homes surrounding them. It's an ideal location for such an event. The event is run by a SBR events who specialise in smaller Triathlon events and enable all levels of ability to participate by putting on Super sprint, Sprint, Aqua bike, Aqua run distances along with the Standard (Olympic) distance. My event field was small in total but as there were the other distances the event still had a good buzz. Parking was simple and certainly made easy by my early arrival and I was within a quarter of a mile from the event HQ. Other parking was about half a mike away.  Registration at HQ was fairly easy as was entry to bike racking although not helped by my own ineptitude in forgetting my race helmet!! The registrtation and transition area were right next to each other and only about thrity meters from the water entry point. The briefing was good. Detailed as there are a number of areas on the bike that reqired specific instruction in terms of speed while in the holiday park and a specific foot down point later on the bike course. 

After the briefing we were guided to the water entry point and the Olympic distance participants entered. I personally would have liked a longer time to get accustomed and warmed up than was allowed. The 1500 swim was a simple single loop the water a comfortable temperature. The water had a few reeds in but nothing that you could not cope with. Exit from the water was aided by some strong fellas hauling us out. Transition as mentioned a short distance away. Following this and getting on the bike one needed to exercise caution as there was a short section where there were speed bumps which was to be expected in the residential area. Following this was another quarter mile through the park where again you needed to ride respectfully. Once out onto the open roads then you were treated to a flat but technical 28 mile bike course. Slightly longer than the normal race distance but a great course where you go through a number of picturesque villages with a number of turns where caution is needed but this adds to the technicality which is good. The course for the Olympic is a double loop. The bike finishes back in the park with the same requirement for caution through the residential area and over the speed humps. (must practice my bunny hops). 

The 10k run is a flat double loop through the holiday park where some of the residents are shouting encouragement and support there were three water stations on each lap. 

SBR - provde medals for those that complete... race T shirts need to be paid for if wanted but most of us have tons of those. A meal was included in race entry fee. This was located right by the finish meaning you could refuel and shout out encouragement to finishers while stuffing your face. 

The awards ceremony for all distances was a bit low key and prob could do with a little bit more glam ... maybe a finishers podium as a suggestion but this is a small thing. 

Overall a great little event. For our club it was our club champs and it worked well for us as a club to hold it there. 

Good organisation, facilities, and the location excellent. 

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