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Rat Race Dirty Weekend - cover image

Rat Race Dirty Weekend

  11 May 2019
profile-avatar-thumbnail James Trodd wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star 4.9

Biggest OCR event in the UK. Brilliant event as always. This was my 3rd RRDW and singed up again for next year. Make no mistake...it is brutal.

20 miles 200 obstacles. The course just goes on and on. It really pushes you to full exhaustion but with the aid of the fantastic marshals and well stocked food/water stations you just feel as u can push on that little bit more. The stations are well stocked with water, isotonic drink, salt, oranges, jellies and of course RatRace’s own delicious flapjack pitstop bars. Word of advice, even if your not hungry make sure you use the food at these stations. You will need all the help you can get to make it to the finish.

The obstacles just keep coming and getting bigger and bigger. The near 30ft jump into water is terrifying when standing at the top looking over but once done you feel such a rush it gives you extra energy to carry on. There is a long water section so if you can’t swim then you will suffer. Even with a life jacket it still is tough.

The final slide is massive and you really pick up speed. It really is a great way to end such an epic race.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many food stands before. There is just so much choice. This along with the massive beer tent, hot tubs and epic after party if your camping just sets this event above anything else out there. 

A couple of things though. Pay the extra £10 and start early. The queues for the bigger obstacles later in the day can be huge. Also the T-Shirt was a bit poor this year. Didn’t even have the date on it. Another thing was for the price of the event I would have liked free photos but these are just miner things really.

Definitely an event to have on your yearly list. 

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