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Manchester Marathon

  7 April 2019
profile-avatar-thumbnail Graham Bloomfield wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star 4.6

The race itself was fantastic. Great course with plenty of room and huge amount of support. Friendly marshalls and well positioned frequent water stops with proper bottles, not the cups experienced at Brighton which is not sufficient. Gels were an unusual brand so a bit of a gamble on the day if you used - High5 or SIS probably better. I loved the staggered start so you ran at clear road and a great bunch of pacers - the approach to the finish was fantastic too. Fab quality proper Asics tech t-shirt and nice medal - no other goodie bag tho - not a fan of Soreen although the Erdinger was awesome. Minor grumbles - from our tram stop it was a little bit of a trek to race village and toilets and a little uncertain on direction although fine from closer stop when we left. Baggage fast and friendly - however wasn't clear there were lots of toilets in the stadium especially for blokes at urinals so unnecessary queues for portaloos. Few more urinals closer to start would have assisted with queues as they do at Brighton. As a large event they could do more before and after although clearly looking to build this. Opportunity missed to sell merchandise and other stuff as they do at the big Brighton Race village although it was nice to have number posted and save day before queues. Marathon Eve was good and some good presentations with discount at local eateries but this does need to be developed further. Overall amazing event and will improve with city centre route

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