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Bath Half Marathon - cover image

Bath Half Marathon

  17 March 2019
profile-avatar-thumbnail Paul Butler wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star 4.3

This was a race that I first did back in 2007, it was my 2nd Half Marathon and back in a city where I studied and lived for 4 years. This time around I was back running with my wife. The first thing to say is that I would not describe the course as fast and flat, rather fast and undulating, there are inclines to get up but of course that does mean there are some faster descent stretches to gain back speed. That said considering the hills that surround Bath the route itself avoids all of these! Before getting to the race start you have to get into the race village, this was not an easy thing to do due to the area holding the toilets being before you get into the main village and cues for the toilets were long and at 90 degrees to the flow of travel. Also people were coming out of the village (including spectators) to get out and to join the toilet queues this was very chaotic and could be better organised. That apart the village area was a good place to wait drop off your bag and then head to the start pen. For me this was straightforward as I was near the front, not so for my wife who had quite a convoluted route to get into her pen and she ended up quite a way back in with people who walked from the off which did cause some issues for the first two miles in terms of her having to walk/run. This sounds a negative review so far, it is not meant to be but I am just pointing out things that I think can be improved. The race and route itself were excellent, closed roads, double loop, lots of crowds cheering you on and lots of friendly marshalls. It is a spectacular place to start and finish a race and one that is definitely worth a visit, it is a beautiful city and has a great race atmosphere. The feed stations were well placed but a little point also mentioned by my wife is that the brilliant volunteers were perhaps a bit too close together which caused problems grabbing a drink. There smiling faces made up for this! Would I recommend this race? Well we have already signed up again for next year! Bath is a great City and this is a great race and with one or two minor tweeks would certainly be up there with my favourite races globally. I have raced in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Lanzarote, and Mallorca and Bath stands up against them all!

1 year ago