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The Cousin Jack Classic - cover image

The Cousin Jack Classic

  2 March 2019
profile-avatar-thumbnail Cara Swain wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star 4.9

I don't think I could praise this race or the organisers (Dave of Bys Vyken Events) highly enough. It is an entirely unique event that showcases the beautiful ruggedness of the Cornish coastline and the mining heritage of the local area perfectly. It is NOT an event to be taken lightly and is not your typical 'trail race' - this is off-road, muddy paths, clambering over rocks, slowing to a crawl to avoid breaking your neck territory... with a half-mile of beach and a steep uphill to finish! There are cut-off times to meet, but these are reasonable to meet. Certain sections are incredibly remote, but the organisers have worked hard to ensure the checkpoints are sensibly placed and the volunteers were incredibly supportive with water, snacks and big smiles to keep you going. You need to be reasonably self-sufficient (a thorough kit list is provided in advance and safety-checked on the day), and due to the nature of the course, you spend a lot of time running on your own. For the price of the event, I feel that you get a lot for your money, including a stunning medal along with cider/beer and a pasty at the finish! (The Cornish girl in me was very happy!) However, it is the unique landscape, and local, friendly culture of this race that was a winner in my eyes. Highly recommended!

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