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The Quicksilver Hampton Court Half Marathon - cover image

The Quicksilver Hampton Court Half Marathon

  17 February 2019
profile-avatar-thumbnail Verity Nott wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star gold-star 4.9

It was a lovely course, very beautiful down by the river and past Hampton Court...but far too busy at the start for the pavement size. I was tripped up twice within the 1st mile and several times nearly pushed off the kerb into the road due to other runners wanting to stay stuck like glue to the pacers! By mile 5/6 the crowd had evened out a bit and I enjoyed the space around me!! My only other gripe is water from cups...I would prefer less water stations if this enables us to take water bottles. At around mile 10 we were able to take small bottles of water (all other stations are cups) but the lids were removed - so you still end up wearing more water than you manage to drink if you choose to re-hydrate without stopping! Other than those 2 moans, I thoroughly enjoyed all other aspects of this race. Communication via email before the race was excellent, race packs arrived on time and the event village was well organised. Bag drop was quick and easy. Lots of toilets but they are a short walk from the start line. Pacers were excellent, I started with the 1hr 45min pacers and although I finished before them, I watched them cross the finish line in perfect time. The marshals were also friendly and encouraging. Goodie bags were great....with a medal and a t-shirt too! Bag collection at the end was also quick and easy. I probably would do this race again but this time I'd be more aware of the congestion for the first part of the race.

2 years ago

Organiser Replied:

Hi Verity. Many thanks for the review. The issues you raise are ones we continue to grapple with. The wave start has improved the congestion during the early part of the route but we need to make further improvements. Probably by splitting the more popular times in which you were running. On the question of water we are trying to cut the amount of plastic we use, We recycle as much as possible but its an issue we are trying to get right. Do hope to see you again! Peter