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The Quicksilver Hampton Court Half Marathon - cover image

The Quicksilver Hampton Court Half Marathon

  17 February 2019
profile-avatar-thumbnail Andy Ward wrote:
gold-star gold-star gold-star half-gold-star empty-star 3.7

Firstly - this review is not a criticism of the half marathon but more lessons learned. I enjoyed the event and the organisation and as a seasoned half marathon/marathon runner, this was a great event. However I was unfortunate to be involved in an accident at around the 4.5 mile mark as a result of a narrow pavement, oncoming bollards, runners in the road and dare I say runners wearing headphones who could not hear the Marshall shout to move onto the pavement and mind the bollard. My legs were clipped by a fellow runner and I fell hard onto the pavement and have severe ligament damage to my ankle, scarred knees and arms. There was no doubt bunching was also to blame and I question whether the field is too big given the narrow parts of the course and the ongoing hazards? I saw 2 other runners trip as a result of narrow paths and quantity of runners. I did manage to complete the course but damaged ligaments rules me out of next week's half in Brighton and also Surrey, Reading and the LA marathon in March. The marshall did seem to be more interested in making sure the runners were getting onto the pavement rather than if I was okay - I could have done with some first aid to stop the bleeding. Did dampen my overall enjoyment of the event and am very bruised and battered today and been ruled out of running for 4 weeks. As I said at the start this is meant to be constructive feedback as the event was superb and well organised. Just have to question the number of runners given the hazards and narrow paths en route plus the use of headphone (I have always used headphones when permitted but appreciate the safety factor more now on courses such as these).

2 years ago